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My interview is today. It is with a marketing company. It is a large corporation with its headquarters in San Francisco, CA. It also has satellite offices across the U.S. and in Europe. I'm not sure if this would be the right fit me, but I'm keeping an open mind. I got some sound advice from my aunt. She said that I should be confident but not cocky. That means I have to look opporties to talk about my qualifications, but don't make the mistake of boasting or worse, making things up. I do that sometimes when I get really nervous. My brain stops working and my mouth takes over.I need to be respectful but not meek. I want to be professional with everyone, my co-workers and my bosses. But, I don't want them to think that I would let my co-workers walk all over me.I should show them that I'm a team- player. Nobody likes a person who tries to grab the limelight all of the time, especially if they're new, like me.Okay, I think I'm y. I have my resume, my transcript, and the address of the office where I'm going the interview. Now, all I need are my shoes Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 65All the world a stage, and all the men and women merely players.大千世界是个舞台,所有男男女女不过是戏子They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.他们各有登场和退场,而一个人一生扮演着那么些角色At first the infant, mewling and puking in the nurse arms.首先是婴儿,在奶妈怀中啼哭着,呕吐着Then the whining school-boy, with his satchel And shining morning face.其次是背着书包满面晨光的牢骚学童And then the lover, sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad.跟着是情人,象锅炉般叹息,唱着忧伤的歌谣Then a soldier, full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard, seeking the bubble reputation even in the cannon mouth.随后是士兵,满是奇怪的誓言,如豹子般的胡须,追求那泡沫般的名声,甚至连火炮口也不怕And then the justice, in fair round belly with good capon lined, full of wise saws and modern instances.然后是法官,那好圆的肚子用上等的阉鸡填满,多的是智慧的格言,日常的事例The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippered pantaloon.第六样年龄化作瘦削的,穿拖鞋的傻老头With spectacles on nose and pouch on side, his youthful hose, well saved, a world so wide......鼻上架着眼镜,腰间挂着烟袋年轻时保存良好的长裤套在瘦瘪的腿上显得宽又荡...... 399Desperately lonely at only years old may not be normal, but so many things had happened in my life to make me feel like my world was crashing down. Growing up poor had never been easy, but somehow I managed to live my life around it. My mother, a single mother of four, was struggling to make ends meet working at our local McDonalds. I was the oldest and just a year bee had all the hopes and dreams of any normal year old girl. I was moderately attractive and at times, perky and outgoing. Always striving to do my best, I managed to squeeze out some pretty good grades. I took college prep classes in the hopes of someday being a nurse.  十七岁就感觉孤独无望也许并不常见,但在我生命里发生的很多事使我感到我的世界正在倒塌自幼生活在贫苦当中是不容易的,但无论如何我还是走了过来作为四个孩子的单亲妈妈,母亲在我们当地的麦当劳餐馆工作,艰难地维持着基本生活我是最大的孩子就在一年前,像其他所有普通的十六岁女孩一样,我对生活充满希冀和梦想我长得算是迷人,有时还挺自信和外向的我总是尽自己最大努力去拼搏,成绩也算不俗我报读了大学预科班,希望将来成为一名护士However, poverty whisked my dream away. My mother could not afd our four tuition fees and she had to start making me stay home from school during days she worked day shift to care my 3-year-old brother. Eventually I quit school. My dreams of going to college were washed away in the blink of an eye. I was now assuming the role of a mother to my little brother, taking on all the responsibility of any stay at home mom. When my mother worked nights, my responsibility grew to two additional children, who were school aged, and all that it entailed. Most nights I would go to bed exhausted and depressed. I often wondered if my life was ever going to change. I would not cry to my mother about my pitiful life because I did not wish to upset her. I was feeling like I had no way out. It even occurred to me that tune did not favor me and my life was done.  然而,贫困葬送了我的梦想我母亲无法负担我们四个孩子的学费,不得不开始让我留在家里,好让我在她上白班时照顾三岁的弟弟最后,我辍学了我的大学梦眨眼间破灭我现在担当弟弟的;母亲;角色,负担起任何留守家中的母亲所要承担的责任当我母亲上晚班时,我还得照看另外两个已到读书年龄的孩子并担负起相关杂活大多数夜晚,躺到床上,我已精疲力竭,满心沮丧我常常思忖自己的人生是否会有所改变我不会向母亲哭诉自己悲惨的人生,因为我不想让她难过我感觉自己无路可走我甚至觉得好运没有垂青于我,我的人生完了One of my friends tried to enlighten me by telling me that she worked with a young man who had a younger brother my age, who just moved here from Cincinnati, Ohio and didnrsquo;t know anyone. She got his number and wanted me to give him a call. I was not interested at all but loneliness overwhelmed me and I needed to find my way out. I tried to call one afternoon and got his older brother. The brother, Brandon, said that the one who I was calling , Scott, was in Cincinnati the week visiting old friends. But he invited me to a party that evening and said Scott would show up. My friend and I went to that party that evening and she introduced me to the brother she was working with, Brandon. No sooner were we introduced, at that very moment, and in walked a boy I had never seen in town bee. The moment he walked in, our eyes locked. I honestly could not hear what everyone else was saying. And to my surprise, he was walking right up to me, my friend and Brandon. All of a sudden, Brandon looked at me, and said, ;By the way, this is my brother, Scott!;  我的一个朋友努力开导我,她告诉我,她的一位年轻男同事有个和我同龄的弟弟,刚从俄亥俄州的辛辛那提市搬到这里,人生地不熟她拿到了他的电话号码,要我打电话给他我根本就没兴趣但孤独充斥着我的心,我需要找到一个宣泄的出口有天下午,我试着打电话给他,接电话的却是他哥哥,布兰顿他告诉我,斯科特(我要找的人)当周去了辛辛那提市拜访一些老朋友但他邀请我参加当晚的一个派对,他说斯科特会出席派对那晚,我和朋友去了派对,她把我介绍给她的同事布兰顿;;斯科特的哥哥就在朋友介绍我们相互认识那刻,一个我从未在镇上见过的男孩走了进来他走进来的那刻,我们四目相投坦白说,那刻其他人在说什么我根本没听到更让我诧异的是,他正向我和我的朋友,还有布兰顿走过来突然,布兰顿看着我说道;顺便介绍一下,这是我的弟弟斯科特!;I was lost in my own thoughts, while gazing into his eyes. I fumbled over my words. He repeated, ;This is my brother Scott...Scott, this is Tara.; We simultaneously said hello and shook hands. But when we shook, we held on just a moment longer than most. Among the rustle and bustle of the restaurant, I was in my own little world. Happiness came over me and we had a wonderful evening. When I got home, he called me and we talked 5 hours. Two days later, he came to visit at my house with a single rose in hand. Shortly after, young love blossomed, and in 6 months, we were engaged.  凝视着他的眼睛,我陷入自己的思绪当中我在思索着如何措词布兰顿重复道;这是我的弟弟斯科特;;斯科特,这是塔拉;我们同时向对方问好,并握了握手但我们握手的时间比多数情况下的都要长在饭馆的嘈杂喧闹声中,我沉浸在自己的小小世界里,心头充满幸福感那一夜我们过得很快乐我回到家,他就打电话给我了,我们聊了五个小时两天后,他手握一玫瑰到我家来拜访不久,我们两个年轻人坠入了爱河六个月后,我们订婚了Mother was uncomtable with our engagement because she thought we were too young to get engaged. Love injected a th of hope and joy into my life and the first time I truly believed that I had my fate in my hands. On November th,1993, one week after my 18th birthday, we exchanged vows in front of our close friends and family. Many were unhappy about our wedding. They inmed us that we wouldnrsquo;t last 3 months. Last year we celebrated our th wedding anniversary!  我母亲对于我们的订婚感到不安,因为她觉得我们还太年轻爱情给我的人生注入了一丝希望和快乐人生的头一回,我深信命运就把握在我的手中1993年月日,也就是我十八岁生日的一周后,我们在我们的亲朋好友面前交换了誓言很多人并不为我们的婚礼感到高兴他们告诉我们,我们的婚姻熬不过三个月而去年,我们庆祝了我们的第十五个结婚纪念日!Life is not easy young couples. We have endured many trials and tribulations in our time together. We survived financial hardships, the death of both of his parents, loss of jobs, sickness, and most recently, our house burnt down. We lost everything but our lives. What hasnrsquo;t killed us, has only made us stronger.  生活对于年轻夫妇来说并不容易在一起度过的时光中,我们经受了很多考验和磨难我们挺过了一个又一个难 关;;经济困难、他父母去世、失业以及疾病,就在最近,我们的房子被烧掉了除了生命,我们变得一无所有但那些没将我们置之于死地的灾难只能使我们更加坚强We had each other and fought fate to make things better. I even got to start nursing school in 00. We made a commitment to each other when we were probably too young. But we knew we loved each other from the start. Who knows where Irsquo;d be today had fate not thrown me into that restaurant all those years ago. I recognize the limitations of my fate but most importantly I recognize the vastness of the possibilities we control with our free will. While we cannot do absolutely anything, we can do so many things that we can consistently surprise ourselves, and make our lives as unique and meaningful as we wish.  我们拥有彼此,和命运抗争只为创造更美好的生活00年,我甚至开始进卫校学习当我们向对方许下诺言时,我们也许太过年轻但我们知道,我们从一开始就爱着对方如果那些年以前命运没有让我走进那间饭馆,谁知道我今天又会在哪里呢?我意识到自己命运的局限性,但最重要的是,我意识到我以自由意志掌控人生还是有着无限的可能尽管我们不可能随心所欲,但我们能做许多事来不断给自己创造惊喜,使我们的人生像我们所憧憬的那样独特而有意义 363

Lenny:Wait a second. Where is my wallet?莱尼:等一下我的钱包呢?Anita:It’s not in your back pocket?安尼塔:不是在你的后衣袋里吗?Lenny:No, it’s in none of my pockets. My pocket’s been picked!莱尼:没有,我的口袋里什么都没有我的口袋被扒了!Anita:It must have happened when our attention was diverted by those boys fighting over there.安尼塔:肯定在是我们的注意力转向那些打架的男孩子的时候被偷的Lenny:I should have been paying more attention in a busy market like this. I felt someone bump me from behind, but it never occurred to me that someone could be lifting my wallet.莱尼:我本应该在这样一个喧杂的市场更加小心才对我觉得有人从我身后撞了一下,但我没想到是有人偷了我的钱包Anita:I’ve been clutching my purse, worried about purse-snatchers. I never thought anyone would be able to pick your pocket.安尼塔:我一直抓着我的钱包,就是怕有人抢钱我从来没想到有人能偷走你的钱包Lenny:Me, neither. I don’t know how I’m going to live this down. When the boys hear about this…莱尼:我也没想到我不知道我该如何补救要是那些人听说我被偷了......Anita:Come on, we’d better go file a police report. You never know. Maybe your wallet will turn up.安尼塔:来吧,我们最好向警方报案谁知道呢也许你的钱包会冒出来的Lenny:Fat chance of that happening. This is really embarrassing…莱尼:这种事情很少发生真地很尴尬......Anita:Stop stalling. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after being a cop’s wife years is that you’ve got to face the music.安尼塔:别拖了如果我和一个警察已经结婚年的话,我就会勇敢地承担一切后果 注:本文译文属原创,, 1891

Marianne: I dont understand it. I got a notice from the bank that two of my checks bounced. Ive never had an overdraft in my life.玛丽安:我不明白通知我有两具空头票我一辈子都没透过Jae: That doesnt sound like you. Youre always so careful with your money.杰:听起来不像你啊你对待金钱总是很仔细Marianne: I am! I dont understand what happened.玛丽安:是的!我不明白发生了什么Jae: Let me take a look at your bank statement. Okay, here are your deposits and withdrawals from last month. Did you know that your bank charges you a fee just to have a checking ?杰:我来检查一下你的对账单好吧,这里有你上个月的存款与取款记录你知道吗,开票帐户会收取费用Marianne: It does? I didnt know that.玛丽安:是吗?我不知道Jae: It looks like you also have a minimum balance requirement. If you fall below that, you get charged a fee.杰:看起来你还办理了最低户口结余要求如果余额远远低于那个金额也要收费Marianne: I do?玛丽安:有吗?Jae: If it like my checking , you can avoid that by getting direct deposit your paycheck. Did you also know that you get charged every time you use your ATM card to make a purchase?杰:如果你的票账户跟我一样,那你可以通过直接存入工资而避免付费你知道吗,每次你刷ATM卡购物时也会收费?Marianne: I didnt know that!玛丽安:我不知道啊!Jae: Well, that what happened. Your bank is charging you fees all of those things and after those fees were deducted, you were left with less money in your than you thought.杰:哎,真有这回事所有的业务都有收费,一扣除这些费用,你的账户余额就比你想象的要少Marianne: That so sneaky! How could they do that?玛丽安:太狡猾了!他们怎么能那样做?Jae: They count on you not ing the terms and conditions and not looking closely at your statements.杰:他们就指望着你不去阅读相关的条款和条件,并且不那么密切地关注对账单Marianne: Ive had it! Im moving banks. Im taking my business elsewhere.玛丽安:我受够了!我要换我要去别处办理业务Jae: Oh, yeah? I know of a good bank.杰:欧,是吗?我知道一家很不错的Marianne: You do?玛丽安:真的吗?Jae: Sure, it called the Bank of Jae. No fees-ever.杰:当然,它就是“杰”绝不收取任何费用Marianne: Yes, but would I ever see my money again?玛丽安:好吧,但我还会再见到我的钱吧?原文译文属! 1

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